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Quad Seal Bags
Quad Seal Bags With Valve
Quad Seal Bags With Zipper
Quad Seal Bags With Zipper and Valve

General Information About Quad Seal Bags:

Our quad bags are sealed in each corner of the bag. The main advantage of this premium and increasingly popular design is that the bag provides good stability built within a high-quality package. A quad bag stands more easily than a standard gusseted bag. This compares favorably to the standing zipper pouch, which takes up more retail shelf width for the same volume of product. You can also choose with or without a degassing valve. 

Quad seal bags with zipper are a standard quad seal bag, but with a zipper attached at the top. They offer the compact retail shelf footprint of the quad seal bag combined with the resealability of the standing zipper pouch.
Our quad seal bags with zipper can be made with a wide range of materials, such as PET, Matt PET, or natural kraft. We offer them with either a foil barrier or a VMPET barrier with a lower metal content. The inner material will always be LLDPE or easy-peel LLDPE. The opening can be at the top or the bottom – with the latter making for easier filling of the bag. You can also choose with or without degassing valve.

Summary Of Quad Seal Bag Applications:

Quad seal bags are usually used for coffee and other food retail packaging. These bags stand better than standard gusset bags. The bag’s compactness allows display of a maximum number of products on a limited shelf space. Increasingly, the quad seal bag is used for wholesale bags for coffee and tea. The increased quality feel of this bag adds a little bit extra to the image sought by our customers.

We recommend this bag for coffee, tea, and other food products in a retail or wholesale setting.

Quad Seal Bags Material Choices:

Outer layer: PET, MOPP, Natural Kraft, White Kraft
Barrier: AL or VMPET
Inner liner: LLDPE Easy Peel

We don’t offer the quad seal bags as a stock option but if you are interested we can produce them on demand for you. The minimum order quantity starts at 10.000 units and you can get started by going to the Get a Quote page.

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